Self-Supervised Science

The microscope enabled a view of nature at the cellular level. Now AI provides us with a view of nature at the systems level. Supervised learning started this scientific revolution - but dependence on human labels that are difficult to scale and limited by existing human knowledge has bounded its scope and impact.

Self-supervision allows AI to learn directly from data and build rich internal representations of biology untethered to existing paradigms.
It’s the tool science has been waiting for to fundamentally reshape our understanding of systems biology.

Noetik is deploying this tool on proprietary industrial-scale human multimodal data to tackle fundamental questions in cancer immunology that have resisted exploration with traditional methods. Tumor biology is a complex function of the interaction of intrinsic molecular programs with the immune contexture, it is billions of cells engaged in an internecine symphony.

Engaging with this complexity will allow us to get the right drugs to the right patients.

We are building toward a future of precision immunotherapies that begin with the patient.